Having Faith

When I started KossFF in 2015, I knew my work would make a difference in the lives of families who were in my situation, battling a family member's cancer diagnosis. I had faith that KossFF could make that difference.  Three years later, after countless hours of hard work, sheer determination and  an unconditional belief that KossFF can make a difference, my faith is intact.  All the work is justified when KossFF receives emails from our grant recipients such as Pam Leonard, who graciously allowed me to share her story:


I wish to thank you again for your financial gift. This has helped me tremendously. I was diagnosed November 24th, 2017 with Ductal Carcinoma Invasive Breast Cancer. I had the lumpectomy on December 26th, 2017. I will begin my chemo treatments on March 1st, for three months, every three weeks, followed by six weeks of radiation. I have three beautiful daughters and three wonderful grandchildren, they are my inspiration and I will fight this disease with all my might.

I cannot thank you enough.

Pam Leonard

Our team cannot do our work without the support from the community.  Join us in helping families like Pamela's on Saturday March 24 at The Branch 1501 for Art in the Big Easy as we raise money to provide financial assistance to more families in 2018.