Applying for Assistance

Every day we are receive phone calls from patients or their family members who are looking for the answer to one very important question.  “How do I, or my loved one, start the application process for assistance?” 

Here are the steps:

  1. Download and complete the application
  2. Have your treating Healthcare Professional sign the application
  3. Make copies of the items that are in need of financial assistance and send with completed application.
  4. Mail it to The Koss Family Foundation, P.O. Box 080991, Racine, WI 53408

Since we have become a recognized resource for Wisconsin by The American Cancer Society, we are receiving a higher volume of applications.  This recognition is a huge honor and we are proud of the work we have done to achieve this, but it has created a situation where we are not able to provide assistance for every application we receive.

Our team has the incredibly difficult job of determining which applications receive funding based on the criteria we have set in place.  The applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Please be aware that once you send in an application it could take up to 6 weeks to go through the review process. Every application that has not received funding is then held for 90 days and reviewed for the next two months.

We appreciate your patience with our application process.  We are working hard to increase our revenue so we can provide assistance to more families each year.  The hardest part of our job is not being able to provide funding for every application we receive.  Cancer has touched every one of us at KossFF and we know what a difficult time this is for every individual sending in an application.  For other resources in Wisconsin please refer to The American Cancer Society.