Happy New Year's Eve

We at The Koss Family Foundation would like to thank everyone for supporting us throughout 2017.  This past year we may have lost one of our own, but through his illness we gained partnerships, friendships and support from people we may have never crossed paths with before.  We gained strength from recognizing this. 

This year we achieved many goals.  We became recognized by The American Cancer Society as a resource for cancer patients in WI and have been able to reach clients outside our local area. We had many media outlets share our story to help spread our mission.  Most importantly, it was our first year providing client aide and we are excited to share we were able to provide $11,000 in financial support to our clients in 2017.

As we look toward 2018, we know we have a lot of work to do to continue on this journey, as our services are in great demand. We are working tirelessly to raise the funding and support needed to be able to help more families each year. We are expanding client services to include our first annual Holiday Celebration, so we can share fun times too. We are excited for 2018 and the opportunities and challenges we face.  Your continued support is appreciated.  We invite you to join us at our fundraising events, as a volunteer, or in any way that fits for you. 

Happy New Year from all of us at KossFF!