Update to Application Process

We have a very important update to our operating practice. All grants will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. We are currently accepting and reviewing all applications from July-September which will be approved by the committee in October. This means an application received on July 1 will not receive a response until mid-October. We thank you all for your understanding of our new processes.

We are a 100% volunteer team and each of us has been affected by a cancer diagnosis in one way or another. Many on our board are survivors themselves. We all live and work throughout Southeast WI and we do not have an official “work day” but are dedicated and passionate about the work we do. We continue to work diligently to raise funds to support our mission.

Thank you all for supporting our cause.

Bless other with your gift

As everyone knows, a charity relies heavily on donations since grants and private funding are becoming harder and harder to obtain. We are asking each and every one of you to join forces with us and help us raise money to support our mission. Today as I gathered up all the applications we have received since June, I was overwhelmed. My heart may have sunk in my chest with the realization of how hard we at KossFF work and yet we can only fulfill 1-2 of these applications each month. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have so many fun events coming up this fall and winter. Join us for one! If you can’t, we have an easy monthly donation option on our donations page. $10 per month could fund one application per year. It’s that easy. Please consider donating and blessing others with your gift.

Please read the letter below to learn how we can make an impact on our applicant’s lives.

Dear Koss Family Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors, Donors and staff,

Words can never express my gratitude for your generous donation. I am thankful that I was given your consideration, as the money enabled me to keep my home. My daughter (Sydney) and I have lived here for 15 years, since she was two years old. Your foundation’s check went immediately toward a partial payment on my mortgage. I had been behind on payments since January because I have been unable to work since October 5th, 2018. Soon after, I was diagnosed with stage three high grade ovarian cancer. I unknowingly had no short-term disability through my employer. On May 8th I will received my first monthly SSDI benefit payment and was able to pay my mortgage payment on my own. If it wasn't for the Koss Family Foundation and its members, I would have had to come up with over $4,000.00 in June, when the mortgage forbearance (written by the bank due to illness) expired. Foreclosure would have most certainly been the next step. Thank you a million times for your consideration and generosity. This act of kindness will not be forgotten in my or my daughter Sydney’s lifetime.


Cheryl A. Feest

Fall Events

We hope everyone has been enjoying our long awaited WI summer. We have been busy planning our fall events.

First up, is a poker run hosted by the VFW Junker-Ball Post 1865 in Kenosha, WI. on Saturday September 7th. 2, 3, and 4 wheels are welcome and each poker hand costs $15. Everyone is welcome to the after party at Kenosha Brewing Company, where the guys from Six Pack Sammy will be providing the party music. Food, raffles and 50/50’s will round out the night.

For a family friendly Sunday Funday, we have our 3rd annual bowling party hosted by The Lanes on 20 in Racine, WI. $15 per bowler includes bowling, shoe rental, pizza. We have a face painter for the kids and a Strike Zone for all ages.

See our upcoming event page for more details.

Give Back...For Free

Ever wonder what one of the easiest most meaningful ways to give back to a nonprofit charity would be? The donation of time. Volunteers are what keeps us up and running. Without that support or monies could not go to those we serve.

Who doesn’t want to have a free night out while supporting a cause they believe in? Well, on Saturday June 1, the opportunity is there for you. You can listen to amazing music by Brett and the Dandys and see beautiful art by local artists all at one of our favorite venues in the area, Route 20.

Join us in helping others. Create your volunteer account and join our team. See you there!

Calling All Artists

Help us make a difference! Submit your original artwork for a good cause. Here at KossFF we do not want you to give us your hard work but rather to partner with you for our mission. We have created a couple different ways for you to participate. There is no fee for submission. Artists over the age of 18 may submit and we have two ways for you to participate.

• Submit an original piece to be auctioned by silent auction with 25% of profits going to the foundation the other 75% going to the artist. Or you can choose to donate up to 100% of the profits to the Koss Family Foundation.

• Create a small square up to 12”x12” on a canvas provided by the Koss Family Foundation.1950’s themed pieces are encouraged but not required. These pieces will be sold for $25. All profits go to the foundation.

For more information send us an email at [email protected]