Give Back...For Free

Ever wonder what one of the easiest most meaningful ways to give back to a nonprofit charity would be? The donation of time. Volunteers are what keeps us up and running. Without that support or monies could not go to those we serve.

Who doesn’t want to have a free night out while supporting a cause they believe in? Well, on Saturday June 1, the opportunity is there for you. You can listen to amazing music by Brett and the Dandys and see beautiful art by local artists all at one of our favorite venues in the area, Route 20.

Join us in helping others. Create your volunteer account and join our team. See you there!

Calling All Artists

Help us make a difference! Submit your original artwork for a good cause. Here at KossFF we do not want you to give us your hard work but rather to partner with you for our mission. We have created a couple different ways for you to participate. There is no fee for submission. Artists over the age of 18 may submit and we have two ways for you to participate.

• Submit an original piece to be auctioned by silent auction with 25% of profits going to the foundation the other 75% going to the artist. Or you can choose to donate up to 100% of the profits to the Koss Family Foundation.

• Create a small square up to 12”x12” on a canvas provided by the Koss Family Foundation.1950’s themed pieces are encouraged but not required. These pieces will be sold for $25. All profits go to the foundation.

For more information send us an email at [email protected]

A Mission from Our Hearts

Statistics can make an impact on our lives, thoughts and actions. For example, reading the American Cancer Society’s 2019 reports for 34,220 total projected new cancer diagnosis for Wisconsin and a projected 11,730 deaths this year, is jolting. Having those numbers hit close to home, or at home, is heartbreaking and life changing, for everyone involved. For some of us, this propels us into action. This is how Koss Family Foundation was established, paying it forward to a community that helped in a time of need. We soon expanded to provide that assistance state wide.

This past week, we at KossFF lost friends to this horrible disease, our friends lost a family member and friend, a young boy at a local schools had a recurrence of their disease, and a past client had complications from the disease and treatment. No one goes unaffected by a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer affects every person you know in one way or another. I have given talks at community civic groups and asked for a show of hands if someone in their circle of friends and family was diagnosed. Not many hands are left folded in laps.

We are a team of volunteers dedicated to helping people fighting this ugly disease, just as we helped those in our own personal circles. We cannot do it alone. We need your help. We need you on our team, to join forces with us. To help us make the lives of cancer patients a little easier by helping with their mortgage, gas to get them to their treatment, or groceries for their families.

There are many easy ways to do this. We look forward to you being a part of our team.

Welcome 2019!

As we head into a brand new year, I’d like to share our growth as a Wisconsin charity for the past year. 2018 was a year of change. We gained many dynamic and passionate Board of Directors which helped bring new insights and ideas to our mission and vision. We joined forces with a new music festival, Rock the Harbor, and made important community connections during that weekend. And our wonderful and talented friends Well Known Strangers, with the sweet opening act Haley Klinkhammer, hosted a benefit concert for us. It was a year of hard work for a charity run completely by volunteers.

The best part, we were able to give out $18,000 in 2018! This gives us a grand total of $30,000 since we’ve been able to give out money starting in the spring of 2017! We have helped over 40 families throughout Wisconsin to pay their everyday living expenses while they fight cancer. We could not do it without your support and we thank everyone who donates, volunteers and supports our efforts every day.

We are anticipating an even more exciting 2019 for Team KossFF. We are currently working on our annual themed spring art event, Out All Night. This 1950”s themed event will be held on Saturday May 18th at Route 20 and feature music by Brett and the Dandy’s. Watch for more information soon! We will also be holding our annual Bowl-A-Thon in the fall. Many other events are still in the works and when they are finalized we will share the details.

Thank you all, once again, for another successful year in helping us with our mission. We receive many more applications than we can possibly fund each month. Our team has the incredibly difficult, and heartbreaking, job of selecting recipients. Help us make their job easier by continuing to support us with your donations. Our 2019 goal is $24,000 in financial support. Join us in meeting that goal!

Fall Events Reminder

Fall is here and we have two fun, and very different events, we’re excited to remind you about.

First off, our second annual Bowl-A-Thon is just around the corner on Sunday, October 21. Don’t worry sports fans, there is NO Packer game that day and the World Series doesn’t start until the next day. We still have open lanes available! The Lanes on 20 is the place to be for a Sunday Funday filled with food, bowling and raffle items.

For a night out, head to Coins Sports Bar in Kenosha on Saturday November 10 where our friends, Well Known Strangers, are hosting a benefit concert with proceeds benefiting KossFF. Tickets are $10 each and that includes the show, food, beer and a chance to win $100!

Bring the family out in October or enjoy adult time in November and meet our newest Board of Directors and learn about the services we provide for cancer fighting families throughout the state. We can’t wait to see you soon!