A Corporate Lane Sponsorship, “Turkey Level” of $500 includes your company’s name on one lane, on our website’s event page and bowling for 6 employees including shoes and the participants’ meal. Bowlers also have the opportunity to fundraise by getting pledges.  It is a win/win situation when we benefit from your donation and you receive the goodwill which comes as a result of your generosity.


Other Corporate Sponsorship opportunities:

Gutter ball $125:  Lane sponsorship and 1 bowler              

Split $200: Lane sponsorship and 2 bowlers

Spare $275: Lane sponsorship and 3 bowlers

Strike $350: Lane sponsorship and 4 bowlers

Double $425: Lane sponsorship and 5 bowlers

Turkey $500: Lane sponsorship and 6 bowlers


Event details:

The Lanes on 20, 6501 Washington Ave., Mount Pleasant, WI on Sunday October 1, 2017.  Registration begins at noon with bowling from 1-4 pm.  Raffles and prizes from 4-5 pm.