History & Background

In 2015, the Koss family's life changed forever. Steve Koss, husband and father, was diagnosed with Stage III pancreatic cancer. Inspired by his strength and support from her local community, Steve's wife Becky Koss decided to pay it forward following a benefit where over 900 community members came together to help raise funds toward Steve's treatment and recovery.

With Becky's vision, The Koss Family Foundation was granted 501 (c) (3) non-profit status in May of 2016 to support Racine County families living with a cancer diagnosis by providing financial support to help cover housing, utilities and other non-medical expenses.


1/8/15 - Steve Koss receives diagnosis of borderline resectable pancreatic cancer

6/2/15 - After 6 months of treatment, Steve's diagnosis had sadly progressed to Stage 4

8/22/15 - First family benefit held with roughly 900 community members in attendance

10/4/15 - Becky Koss approaches friends Joe Colletta and Christine Flores with The Koss Family Foundation

12/4/15 - Koss Family Foundation, Inc. officially becomes incorporated

12/19/15 - Founding officers present Steve with his Christmas gift, The Koss Family Foundation, Inc.

5/1/16 - 501 (c) (3) non-profit public charity status is received